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Project Overview: Enhancing Slash's User Experience through Intuitive Design and Engaging Interactions

Being part of the delivery team at Veza Digital, I had the privilege to lead the web UI/UX design efforts for Slash, a centralized platform revolutionizing neo-banking solutions tailored to individuals in the hustle economy. This dynamic niche caters to freelancers, gig economy workers, and those in non-traditional employment setups.

The essence of Slash lies in its unique blend of captivating design and informative content. The goal was clear: entice users with a seamless user experience while providing valuable insights into its financial services.

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Design Challenges

& Objectives

The primary challenge was to rapidly develop a new website that not only captivated but also converted users effectively. The objective was to craft a sleek, professional design that harmonized with Slash's style guide and incorporated the latest design trends. We aimed to enhance visibility, organic traffic, user engagement, and conversions through SEO optimization.

In collaboration with Veza Digital, we delved into comprehensive research, dissecting competitors, keywords, and URLs. This foundational research paved the way for a meticulously planned sitemap, encompassing pages, sections, CTAs, titles, meta descriptions, and keywords.

A dedicated team of design, motion graphics, development, SEO, and copywriting professionals was curated to align with the client's goals. We focused on unique layouts optimized for maximum conversions, infusing modern gradients in line with enhanced branding for that premium touch.

Visual assets were meticulously designed, with a substantial portion transformed into motion graphics. Over 55 motion graphics were strategically placed on the home page alone, creating a visually captivating and unique user experience.

Results &


In just six weeks, we successfully launched the revamped Slash website. The outcome was nothing short of outstanding – a premium, professional design in sync with modern industry trends. The implementation of SEO strategies drastically improved website visibility, organic traffic, user engagement, and conversions.

The partnership between Veza Digital and Slash exemplified how collaborative expertise in design, development, motion graphics, SEO, and copywriting could redefine success. As Slash continues its journey in the competitive neo-bank market, I stand ready to provide continuous support and further elevate their digital presence.


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