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Advancing one's career and achieving fulfillment in the workplace are challenging for a number of professionals.

There are many challenges that can prevent professionals from advancing their career and feeling fulfilled in their workplace.

Landing or staying for too long in the wrong company is a significant issue caused by a lack of clarity about one's career goals and how to achieve them.

GradLink is a career development platform that helps job seekers find their dream job and advance their career in the right company.

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Live Prototype

The Objective

& Responsibilities

Research, strategise, and design an end-to-end mobile app for GradLink, to help professionals overcome the difficulties they face when job searching and advancing their careers.


UX Research


Usability Testing

Design System



UI/UX Designer responsible for the UX and UI parts of GradLink from inception to delivery.

To effectively achieve the project's goals and ensure its success, I have divided the design process into three distinct phases: empathize, conceptualize, and design.

The Process

What hinders professionals from advancing their career? I dived into an intense week-long research sprint to find out.

During the initial phase of the project, my primary focus was on gaining a comprehensive understanding of the problem at hand by exploring the needs, wants, and expectations of the target audience.

To achieve this, I formulated a set of research questions, such as identifying the frustrations and pain points of our target users, their underlying motivations, and what they require to achieve their career goals.

I then embarked on an intensive week-long research sprint that involved conducting 12 user interviews with professionals seeking career advancement, analyzing forums and Facebook groups, and mapping out primary competitors through competitive analysis.


1st Stage

After gathering numerous insights from the user interviews, I conducted a thorough analysis to prioritize the most significant findings.

After collecting data from user interviews, my next step was to analyze and prioritize the information in order to develop a focused and impactful strategy.

This process involved a thorough analysis of the data to identify trends and themes, as well as the most significant issues and challenges faced by the target audience.

Using affinity mapping exercises, I was able to group related information and identify three critical themes that required immediate attention.


2nd Stage

By creating affinity maps, I was able to group related information and identify three critical insights that required immediate attention.

Key Insights


Lack of direction and clarity

Professionals may struggle to understand their own career goals and what steps they need to take to achieve them, leading to feelings of uncertainty and frustration.


Difficulty navigating job search

Job seekers may feel overwhelmed by the job search process, finding it difficult to identify relevant opportunities and differentiate between potential employers.


Inadequate support and resources

The lack of support and access to resources from their employer can cause professionals to feel stagnant, hindering their ability to progress in their career.

Usability, accessibility, and visually engaging design elements played a key role in enhancing the user experience.

To begin the design process, I developed user personas and user journeys to gain a better understanding of the target audience's behaviors, preferences, and needs. This information was used to create wireframes, prototypes, and visual designs that were refined through user testing and feedback.

To ensure the scalability of the design, I created and documented a comprehensive design system. This system included guidelines for visual design, typography, color palette, and other key elements of the app's interface. By establishing a set of design standards and guidelines, we were able to maintain consistency across the app and ensure that any future updates or additions would be easy to implement while maintaining the app's overall visual coherence.

The resulting design solution prioritized accessibility, ease-of-use, and a clean and modern interface. Attention was given to ensure color contrast and font sizes were appropriate for all users, ensuring an inclusive experience. The interface was designed to incorporate user-friendly navigation and search functionality, ensuring that users could easily locate the information they needed.


3rd Stage

Key App’s Features

& Addressing Pain Points

Real employee reviews and insider company insights:

GradLink offers users the ability to view authentic employee reviews and ratings of companies based on key parameters such as work-life balance, career advancement, job security, professional development, culture and values, colleagues support, work environment, and diversity and inclusion.

This feature enables users to make well-informed decisions based on the parameters that are most important to them when evaluating potential employers.

Library of resources and expert advice

The app features a learning section full of articles, resources, and templates professionals can use to get a better understanding of their career path and ease their job application process. For ease of access, these can be further filtered by category

Personalized job recommendation and advanced job searching

The GradLink app offers a personalized job recommendation and advanced job searching feature to provide users with a tailored job search experience. Through this feature, users receive job recommendations that match their profile, increasing their chances of finding relevant opportunities.

Additionally, the app offers advanced filtering systems that allow users to refine their search based on various criteria, including job title, location, and industry. This feature empowers users to find job opportunities that are most relevant to their career goals and preferences.

Key App’s


& Addressing

Pain Points

Figma File

Live Prototype

For those who are interested in the technical aspects of the project and would like to explore the design system and interactions, I invite you to take a look at the Figma file and live prototype.

Figma File &

Live Prototype

Next steps &

Future improvements

Iterating on Design, Conducting User Research, and Thorough Testing.

In the next steps, my plan is to iterate on the existing design and address any areas that need improvement. One area of focus will be enhancing the user experience by implementing more features to simplify the job application process. This can be achieved by introducing smart filters, allowing users to easily find job opportunities that match their skills and experience.

Another important next step is to conduct further user research, including interviews and surveys, to understand the evolving needs of job seekers and employers. This will help inform the development of new features and functionality to make GradLink an even more valuable tool for users.

Lastly, I plan to conduct more thorough testing on the app to ensure the new features and functionality are working as intended and continue to meet the needs of the users. By following these next steps, GradLink can continue to evolve and provide job seekers with the necessary tools and information they need to succeed in their career journey.

Next Steps

& Future



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